Maggie Throup MP

Maggie Throup was elected to serve as the Member of Parliament for Erewash in the 2015 General Election and was later elected to serve on the Commons Health Select Committee, having previously served on the Scottish Affairs Select Committee.

Kewal Singh Athwal

Kewal Sing Athwal serves Sawley as both the Borough and County Councillor. Cllr Athwal is also Chairman of the Audit Committee on Derbyshire County Council.

Susan Beardsley

Susan Beardsley is the Borough Councillor for Little Hallam, alongside fellow Conservative Councillor Mary Hopkinson.

Leonie Bilbie

Leone Bilbie is the Borough Councillor for Sanidacre, alongside fellow Conservative Councillors Steve Bilbie and Wayne Major.

Steve Bilbie

Steve Bilbie is the Borough Councillor for Sandiacre, alongside fellow Conservative Councillors Leonie Bilbie and Wayne Major.

Joanne Bonam

Joanne Bonam is the Borough Councillor for Sawley, alongside fellow Conservative Councillors John Sewell and Daniel Walton.

Valerie Clare

Valerie Clare is the Borough Councillor for Draycott and Risley, alongside fellow Conservative Councillor Andrew McCandless.

Chris Corbett

Chris Corbett is the Borough Councillor for Wilsthorpe, alongside fellow Conservative Councillors Kewal Singh Athwal and Michael Powell.

Robert Flatley

Robert Flatley has been Councillor for Ilkeston East since May 2017 and is the youngest Derbyshire County Councillor have been elected at the age of 20.