Defibrillator's for Sawley

Derbyshire County Councillor for Sawley, Kewal Singh Athwal has successfully acquired funding for six defibrillator's for the wider Sawley area.

The new Defibrillator's were installed on 23rd August and are available 24/7 for the benefit of local residents and visitors to the Sawley area. Councillor Athwal has worked closely with East Midlands Ambulance Service who will maintain these life saving machines.

Heart problems can happen at any age, it is not only the elderly or infirm, we have seen in the recent past, that even young sportspeople can be effected.

Councillor Kewal Singh Athwal said, "even if only one life is saved by these Defibrillator's, then it is well worth the investment and I would also like to thank all the businesses that have agreed to have these defibrillators installed on their premises".